I discovered fashion & interior design in a rather unconventional way…Insensitive at first, I started noticing colors, then shapes, slowly becoming attracted by textures, before realizing that silhouettes, design and architecture were only parts of a whole, a picture that embraces us and of which we’re only a tiny piece…This whole was for me a stage set, since I was studying drama at the time. Suddenly everything started to matter – contours, textures, shapes, light’s reflection on the fabric & material.Sarah Moon 3

Choosing what we wear each morning, choosing the object and furniture we use, is actually choosing a interpretation of the world, our own interpretation We have the opportunity to choose new characters to play and tell numerous stories about how we understand the world.

Today, my passion for scenography and interior design among other things has taken a brand new meaning, since the talented architect Charles Gaucherel and I have set up a creative studio: LLOW. Studying arts and then attending business school made me realize how young artists, especially designers, needed support to be part of a world that functions thanks to its markets. It is time to work with them, put them in the limelight without betraying their creations.

You’ll find in this blog inspirations, interrogations, a path to a project that aims to support the young talents, in arts and craftmanship.




2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Keep up the good work Albane!

  2. Definitely a good start! Love the presentation

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