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Each x Other is a…well, brand, label, edition house, so I’d rather call it an unidentified object in the creative world of Paris. Because, weirdly enough for those who say that Paris is asleep, almost dead, it is French and based in Paris. I became interested in the brand when I visited their Pop-up store at the Bon Marché. Honestly, Robert Montgomery piece of art exposed with these limited edition unisex clothes totally made sense. On the brand website, it is quite amazing to discover that the artists/designers/musicians working together were meant to meet, meant to create something together. Because what they achieve add something to the environment where the collection/installation is exposed.
Perfecto by Naco worn in front of a Robert Montgomery piece of art

Each x Other brings together a family of artists who may never have met without it, even though they were meant to. For now, the creative energy they display outshines the artists as individual. Only the result, temporary, matters. The fact that the collections are in limited edition, and designed for both men and women, underlines my favorite thing about fashion: it is a tool to embody a character, to find our own characters, but the job is eventually ours. Wearing a total look or a perfectly fine outfit only because it’s fashionable is an open door to stupidity. Here, it’s the opposite: the clothes – designed with strong attention to know-how and craftmanship – can suit you or your boyfriend, and won’t be the latest trend (a collection is very quickly out of stock everywhere). It’s an offer, a suggestion for who you want to be. But it’s not you. To be yourself, the job is still yours.
I was particularly touched and amused by the short movie realized by Thomas Lélu and starring Lou Lesage and Jérémie Elkaïm

Le jeu amoureux de Jérémie Elkaïm et de Lou… par VOGUEPARIS

It is at the same time poetic, surreal, funny and above all full of life. To me it belongs to the little signs pushing you to welcome what life brings you, to let go of our fears or preconceived ideas in order to see what’s around us. With a ose of humour, it convinced me to check out regularly Each x Other creations.