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I haven’t seen the movie yet, but wanted to underline this about the costumes: Juliette Binoche only wears one costume throughout the movie. She says it is a vintage costume, with its own life and history, that was dug in mud before she wore it during the shooting, to make it appear even older and more worn.

Camille Claudel-by Bruno Dumont

It made me think about the purpose of fashion. Besides the economical necessities, the seasons, and historical social facts that explain fashion’s cycles, a designer’s creative process and its tireless repetition is about one piece of clothing. I thing each talented designer is in search for THE piece of clothing, the single item, that will be so perfectly accorded to the person wearing it, that it will disappear behind the person’s identity. A piece of clothing that will magnify one’s strength and weaknesses, one’s beauty and one’s wounds, one’s successes and one’s failures.

More pictures of the movie to come….!