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A quick work about Ari Seth and his amazing Blog, Advanced Style. This photographer chose to focus on older people and their approach of style. The result is breathtaking: is it because they are confident, because they have had lots of life experience, or because they learned how to ignore others’ looks and opinion, but these people choose a style in a unique way: it can be colorful or not, old-fashioned or very fashionable, excessive or minimalist, in all cases, it is a sheer reflect of who they are inside and what they’ve been through. A reserved way to talk about oneself, without fuss or thirst for attention. A humble way to admit that life has had ups and down, that one admits it, through his look. No need for a long speech, but an outfit and a smile.

Source: advancedstyle.blogspot.fr viaAlbane on Pinterest

This interview of Mister Seth and some of his models gives an interesting understanding of his project. It ends with this sentence from one of the older women, that says it all about fashion as an act: “we don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing”