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A few words to introduce a new part of this blog…Yes, there will be some streetstyle pictures, but no, it won’t be the same as what you see in most fashion blogs…or at least the way the pictures will be taken won’t be the same: someone will chose his/her outfit, along with a text, a song, a picture, anything that is for him or her an inspiration for this chosen style and the “character” it reminds him/her of. This person will share this with me and I’ll make suggestions for the “stage” setting: where, how to accessorize the outfit, the make-william_kleinup etc…It should be an experience that people who have their picture taken chose, and not something that catches them off guards. I know the “unexpected/spontaneous” quality of a streetstyle shootings will be taken away, but isn’t always, as soon as one knows it’s picture will be taken in a minute?

First photo shoot this week-end, so first results next week….and if it is an adventure you’d like to live, please let me know!!!